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ESSENTIALNEST® Octopus Head Massager: Stress Relief and Relaxation - Electric Scalp Massager.

ESSENTIALNEST® Octopus Head Massager: Stress Relief and Relaxation - Electric Scalp Massager.

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Built with 10 vibrating contacts provides 360-degree massage coverage Swomell massager alleviates chronic migraines, tension, and eye fatigue within the first 10 minutes of use.

• the four massage modes (active/leisure/beauty/sleep) presented with different massage techniques will satisfy your specific massage needs throughout the day and night

A restful night's sleep

Fall asleep peacefully, relaxing your scalp thanks to the joint work of the many massage parts and wake refreshed & pain-free.

 relaxing, perfectly optimized for deep sleep
 built-in rechargeable battery | lasts about 360 minutes on a full charge


Rest your eyes after a stressful day at work & enjoy a soothing massage from the soft, built-in massagers with adjustable vibration.

The Swomell massager is recommended by physical therapists as an efficient way to boost blood circulation and increase concentration.

Changed the lives of thousands of people

97% customers reported that their headaches dissipated after the first 11 minutes of use.

92% reported sleeping significantly better after 1 week of use.

88% reported a significant improvement in well-being after using the Swomell Massager

  • 【SIMPLE OPERATION】Electric head scratcher can be started with one-key operation, and the operation is simple, and the elderly can easily use it. Press the red power button to switch between intermittent vibration mode and continuous vibration mode, meet your different use needs.

  • 【DEEP SCALP MASSAGE】Electric claw head massager massage the scalp, effectively reduce stress, dreaminess, brain fatigue, dizziness, and hair loss, make you feel comfortable and relaxed, and help improve insomnia, which is suitable for athletes, tired people, the elderly, office workers, drivers and other people with headaches or stress.

  • 【500MAH CHARGING BATTERY】Electric head massager adopts PP material, eco friendly, firm and sturdy, durable. Compact and lightweight. Built in 500mAh li ion battery, comes with USB cable for easy charging. and mellow massage head, will not scratch skin, safe and reliable.

  • 【MASSAGE IDEAL GIFT】This octopus massager conforms to the engineering design of the human head curve. Use scalp head massager at home or take it with you when you travel, easy to live a healthy and relaxing life, the soothing massager helps her/him relax after a stressful work day, a great gift option for friends and family.
Heading Subheading
Introduction to the Electric Scalp Massager Dive into the world of relaxation with the Electric Scalp Massager.
Material Matters: ABS+Silicone Understanding the high-quality materials used for maximum comfort.
Vibration Massage + TMS Technology Experience the unique blend of vibration massage and TMS technology.
Application for Personal Health Care Learn why this massager is ideal for personal health care routines.
Relieving Stress: A Personal Touch Simulating the gentle touch of a mother's fingertips for stress relief.
Dot-Matrix Design for Nerve Relaxation Exploring the independent massage heads' design for effective nerve relaxation.
Principle of TMS Massage Unveiling the scientific contact design of the multi-level massage mode.
For Every Head: Unlimited Circumference Discover why it's suitable for the entire family, regardless of head size.
Powerful Battery: Longevity Guaranteed Exploring the polymer lithium battery with a large capacity for extended use.
Smart Timing for Worry-Free Relaxation Understanding the smart timing feature for a safe and relaxing experience.

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